Tears of the Willow


Running around the Clatspurs during Needfest

Needfest, Winter, 590 CY.

A small mining community of Gnomes in the Clatspur Mountains is hosting it’s annual Needfest celebration. These hearty folk are known for their exciting gatherings more than their mining yield, and draw quite the crowd from all over the region. What better way to spend an evening is there than to mingle and make merry at the Miner’s Shindig?
Every year, Kelboryn’s family send a donation to the needy gnomes in the Gnome Hills, to help them to get through the harsh Clatspur winters. This tradition was started by Kelboryn’s grandfather, ‘’the Hammer’’. He thought that it was important to maintain links to the ancestral homeland.


Watch out for the halflings. They hate Cel


I am a bit worried about that gnome kid. he was already lame and now he just took a nasty blow to the brain box.


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