Tears of the Willow

Scavenger Hunt

Running around Highfolk City during Brewfest

Brewfest, Autumn, 589

For the first time ever, you are all off to the big smoke – Highfolk city. Kelboryn’s parents have completed a commission and have asked him to deliver it to an important Elf in the city. Through Religuth, they have hired Cel to guide him to the city and back.

Oberon and Farley, your parents have asked that you go along to provide some guidance to the group. Ash, your uncle has asked you to make sure that the others do not disgrace themselves, as the client is the ambassador from Flameflower. You can’t help feeling that this is a bit of a test.

If you aren’t held up on the way, you should get there in time for Brewfest!

It is autumn. Highfolk City is a blaze of colour as the trees turn golden, red and brown.

Brewfest starts with the tasting of the vintage and the announcement of the winners of last year’s Race of Heroes, the Shadow Elves.

After you deliver your cargo and introduce yourselves to Kelboryn’s cousins, you go off to enjoy the festivities. Cel enjoys himself a bit too much, ending up in a pigsty, sans pants.

Mercermillion, a cleric of Norebo, convinces you to enter his scavenger hunt. You race around town, collecting a tea cup, a brown robe, a Moonsteel dagger and an ogre skull fashioned into a mug.

In the process, you annoy the ambassador from Flameflower, introduce yourself to the clerics of Ehlonna, win the admiration of the Moonsteel brothers and the friendship of Relgar Hammersmith and Della Wood.

You also win the scavenger hunt!

The Moonsteel brothers have promised to make you a set of five matching longswords. These will not be masterwork but (for game purposes) the Moonsteel brothers can improve them into masterwork weapons later.

Cel has put a deposit on a strength-modified masterwork bow. All of these things will be ready in a month.

  • Kelboryn (Pete).
  • Cel (Greg)
  • Ash (Hugh)
  • Oberon (Andrew)
  • Farley (Ken)



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