Welcome to Highfolk.

Have a look at the great map of the Vesve Forest produced by Anna B. Meyer.

On it, you can see almost all of the campaign area.

  • Highfolk City is in the south-western corner of the map. It isn’t a big place – a bit bigger than Krestible and much smaller than Traft. Many strangers call it Highfolk Town. This is where the majority of humans (mostly Oeridian) live.
    • The fertile area around Highfolk City rests in the fold between the southern Yatil Mountains and the Carnalion Mountains.
    • Highfolk Town sits at one end of Ehlonna’s Scar, an enormous canyon that provides a dangerous but passable trading route to Ket.
  • Between the southern Yatil Mountains, the Clatspur Range, the Carnalion Mountains and the Vesve Forest flows the mighty Velverdyva River, from the heights of Lake Quag in Perrenland to the depths of the Nyr Dyv.
  • As the Velverdyva flows between the Clatspur Range and the southern Yatil Mountains, it forms the Highvale. The Highvale is a fertile valley that attracts many halfling, gnomish and human settlers.
    • Verbeeg Hill is the main town in the Highvale. It is a trading port for boats travelling up and down the Velverdyva River. It is somewhat infamous for the Smiling Halls of Good Fortune, a temple to Norebo, the Seul god of luck, gambling and risks.
    • Along the shores of the Velverdyva River are numerous small villages, such as Weeping Willow, Crystal Springs and the halfling village of Stoutstump. These farming communities often provide quiet resting places for those choosing to travel up-river by horse or foot along the Quagflow Road.
    • On the shores of the Velverdyva River are also numerous inns (often run by hospitable halflings) that service the people travelling downriver by boat. The most famous of these is probably the Wanderer’s Way Inn, as it is also a shrine to Fharlanghn, the travel god.
  • North of the Velverdyva River is the Vesve Forest itself, the largest forest on Oerth. Almost all hardwoods, too. The Vesve is split into:
    • the beautiful western Heartlands, which are held by the Elves. 80% of the people in Highfolk are Elves, most living in the Vesve.
    • The terrible eastern edges, where Iuz is encroaching.
  • In the middle of the southern Heartlands (just near the ‘a’), you can see Flameflower, the hidden court of the Elves. Only Elves can find their way to Flameflower.
    • Flameflower is the home of the Knights of the High Forest, an elven order of knights.
  • East of Flameflower is Ironstead, a garrison of the Furyondy army that marks the border to Furondy.
  • West of Flameflower, lost in the Clatspur Range is the underground city of the Dwarves. Nobody has ever been there except for a clan of Dwarves living in Highfolk, famed for their metalwork.
  • Far to the north of Flameflower, near the Elven Realm of the Timeless Tree is Quaalsten. Quaalsten is a walled forest community, home to the Lord Marshal of the Vesve and his rangers.
    • Together, these three communities of Quaalsten, Flameflower and Ironstead stand together to repel Iuz and his forces.
  • Northwest of Quaalsten you will find Lunadore and Guildenhand, gnomish communities in the Gnome Hills. These folks live by a mix of farming and mining.
  • To the northeast of the Gnome Hills are the forests of the Wood Elves or Grugach (wild elves). They have an uneasy relationship with elven courts of Flameflower.

Anna is a brilliant fantasy cartographer and has produced a special version of this map that we can use on Obsidian Portal. Head over to the maps page to check it out.

Other sources

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