Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow is a farming community of about 120 folk. It is named for the willow trees that grow along the Chirping Creek; when it rains the droplets are like tears falling from the trees.

It mainly consists of one-storey farm houses and barns scattered over several hundred yards either side of the Quagflow Road. All the buildings are made of wood – the only stone structure in town is the well. The buildings are all well made, except for some obviously abandoned farm houses and barns. Farmlands stretch out around the town, merging into the forest.

Main buildings

Shady Leaf Inn

This two-storey structure bears a sign showing a willow tree’s leaves casting deep shade. Inside is cozy and inviting. In the winter there is always a warming fire. In the summer, the windows catch cool breezes from the river. Around the side is a stable for horses.

The inn is run by a Halfling family, Corbeen Pickerwin, his wife (Fillinda), two daughters (Tilda and Milly) and his two sons (Mirten and Rook).

Religuth’s Goods

This is a well-stocked store with glass in the windows. It is run by a Half elf, Religuth.

Meeting Hall

A long, tall one-storey meeting hall stands in the centre of the village with a set of large double-doors at one end. Near the doors hangs a large brass bell, with a ringing cord attached. Willow trees surround the building.

Inside the hall are many wooden chairs and a dais towards the back end. Fireplaces flank either side of the hall.

The meeting hall is used for formal and informal meetings, as well as for feasting and festivals.

Myrindil’s Home

Across from the hall is Myrindil’s home. Vines and carefully tended shrubs cloak the house in green. A white door sports a red harp upon a tree-filled field, the symbol of the Krysalyn Clan.

Inside there are fine woodcrafts and knickknacks all about the rooms. A fine longsword hangs over the mantle.

Myrindal Riverstone founded Weeping Willow. He is the Speaker for the village.

Harvesthope Shrine

This long wooden building bears the holy symbol of Phyton, a scimitar lying across a tree, carved into an intricate wooden relief on the side of the building.

An awning of wood covers the walk up to the front of the shrine and a small garden grows on either side of the path. The doors to the shrine are almost always open.

Inside the wooden alter is on the north wall. Above the alter is a symbol of Phyton carved out of ashwood. Generally there are offerings on the alter – vegetables and grains and occasionally some meat.

There is a large door on the west wall which leads through to the rectory.

Weeping Willow’s Well

This wood and stone well stands within easy bow shot of the road and the creek. It is about a longsword’s length wide and is quite deep. A wooden bucket hangs from a rope winch.

Aside from the graveyard and the farmlands, there are no other notable features in town.

Weeping Willow

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