Highfolk City

Highfolk City isn’t a big place – a bit bigger than Krestible and much smaller than Traft for those who are familiar with Perrenland. It is built on top of a hill, within an ancient hill fort. You can see the shape of the city on the Maps page.

Geographically, Highfolk City rests in the fold between the southern Yatil Mountains and the Carnalion Mountains. A few miles away to the southwest, Ehlonna’s Scar provides a dangerous but passable trading route to Ket. A few miles away to the northeast, the mighty Vlavyadya River provides a trade flow between Perrenland and Feryondy.

The Town of Highfolk, technically still a vassal of Furyondy, acts independently. It is of importance simply because it is the southern outpost of the olve (elves) of the Quagflow Valley. The town itself is a trading center and home to some 2,000 humankind. It is well fortified and protects the homeland — the 100-mile stretch of valley above, which lies between the southern arm of the Yatil Mountains and the Vesve Forest to the east. There are many thorps set in beautiful dales along the banks of the river. The folk of Highfolk and the valley above are at peace with their neighbors to the north and south. The more restless sometimes take service with mercenary bands of Perrenlander soldiery.

The Lord of the High Elves is deferred to as the nominal ruler of the valley, but this is through general consent and respect. The word of the noniz Prince, a village Elder, or the Earl of a community of hobniz (halflings) is listened to with as much respect. All the peoples of Highfolk Valley are independent and free-spirited. However, in time of need, they are able to muster a considerable body of fighters… The main enemies of the people of Highfolk come from the land of Iuz, penetrating the Vesve Forest.

— Drawn from ‘Dyvers, Highfolk, Iuz, & the Horned Society’, by Basiliv, on Swinglikedean, at 26 November 2005.

Highfolk City

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