Tears of the Willow

Race of Heroes - part 2
Getting back to Highfolk City with the berries

Characters: Kelboryn, Farley, Cel, Lækri, Oberon, Ash.

Race of Heroes - part 1
Collecting berries in the Vesve

Who played?

First session of Race of Heroes – ‘A path less travelled’ – HIG1-01.

Hey Diddle Diddle
Running around the Vesve to help a grig

Who played?

HIGD-02: Hey Diddle Diddle.

Running around the Clatspurs during Needfest

Needfest, Winter, 590 CY.

A small mining community of Gnomes in the Clatspur Mountains is hosting it’s annual Needfest celebration. These hearty folk are known for their exciting gatherings more than their mining yield, and draw quite the crowd from all over the region. What better way to spend an evening is there than to mingle and make merry at the Miner’s Shindig?
Every year, Kelboryn’s family send a donation to the needy gnomes in the Gnome Hills, to help them to get through the harsh Clatspur winters. This tradition was started by Kelboryn’s grandfather, ‘’the Hammer’’. He thought that it was important to maintain links to the ancestral homeland.

Scavenger Hunt
Running around Highfolk City during Brewfest

Brewfest, Autumn, 589

For the first time ever, you are all off to the big smoke – Highfolk city. Kelboryn’s parents have completed a commission and have asked him to deliver it to an important Elf in the city. Through Religuth, they have hired Cel to guide him to the city and back.

Oberon and Farley, your parents have asked that you go along to provide some guidance to the group. Ash, your uncle has asked you to make sure that the others do not disgrace themselves, as the client is the ambassador from Flameflower. You can’t help feeling that this is a bit of a test.

If you aren’t held up on the way, you should get there in time for Brewfest!

It is autumn. Highfolk City is a blaze of colour as the trees turn golden, red and brown.

Brewfest starts with the tasting of the vintage and the announcement of the winners of last year’s Race of Heroes, the Shadow Elves.

After you deliver your cargo and introduce yourselves to Kelboryn’s cousins, you go off to enjoy the festivities. Cel enjoys himself a bit too much, ending up in a pigsty, sans pants.

Mercermillion, a cleric of Norebo, convinces you to enter his scavenger hunt. You race around town, collecting a tea cup, a brown robe, a Moonsteel dagger and an ogre skull fashioned into a mug.

In the process, you annoy the ambassador from Flameflower, introduce yourself to the clerics of Ehlonna, win the admiration of the Moonsteel brothers and the friendship of Relgar Hammersmith and Della Wood.

You also win the scavenger hunt!

The Moonsteel brothers have promised to make you a set of five matching longswords. These will not be masterwork but (for game purposes) the Moonsteel brothers can improve them into masterwork weapons later.

Cel has put a deposit on a strength-modified masterwork bow. All of these things will be ready in a month.

  • Kelboryn (Pete).
  • Cel (Greg)
  • Ash (Hugh)
  • Oberon (Andrew)
  • Farley (Ken)
Designing characters
Welcome to Weeping Willow

Thanks for coming over and creating characters. Here is what we came up with.

Player characters

Kelboryn: Gnomish bard (Peter Tracy)
Kelboryn’s family have lived in Weeping Willow since the time before the village was established. Kelboryn was born in Weeping Willow 43 years ago (546 CY). In the first Ceremony of the Turning in 576 CY, he picked the name Kelboryn as his new name. Traditionally, his folks have been jewellers, doing a small amount of work for people in Highfolk City. Kelboryn’s grandfather, Ressit ‘the Hammer’, was a famous jewelsmith and a greatly respected man in the town. As a third child blessed with a beautiful voice, his parents have trained him in the bardic tradition as best they can.

Farley: Wood elf druid (Ken Miller)
Farley was bought to Weeping Willow forty years ago (549 CY) after Lækri’s parents found him wandering in the forest and adopted him. Farley has since grown to be part of the young couple’s family. He has a particularly strong attachment to his youngest half-brother, Lækri. As a young Oakheart (druid) of Rillifane Rallathil, he has been responsible for introducing many druidic practices to Weeping Willow. The most notable of these is the ceremony of the Turning, when young children (around seven years for Humans) are left blindfold in the forest for the night to find new names. This, and other ceremonies like the Budding and the Transformation, have annoyed Polgin, the village cleric of Phyton. Then again, pretty much everything annoys Polgin. About seven months ago, Farley adopted a young badger as a friend. The badger hasn’t told him its name yet.

Cel: Half elf ranger (Greg Jones)
Cel was born in Weeping Willow 22 years ago (567 CY). In the first Ceremony of the Turning (576 CY), he rejected his elvish blood and picked Cel as his new name. He grew up in the Shady Leaf Inn, where his mother worked. The Pickerwins, who run the inn, consider him a foster son, particularly since his mother died. When he was fourteen, he gained an apprenticeship with Religuth, the local merchant (and only other half elf in town). His mother died when he was nineteen (586 CY) and since then Religuth has arranged for Cel to guide (and protect) caravans moving up and down the Quagflow Road. Two years ago, Cal adopted an abandoned Kestrel chick, that he calls Redwing. Cal is not very religious. He pays due respect to Fharlanghn, but in his darkest moments he turns to Yondalla.

Lækri: Human druid (Anthony Utano)
Lækri family have lived in Weeping Willow for generations, almost since the village was established. He was born in Weeping Willow 20 years ago (569 CY). Growing up with Farley as an older foster brother, he found himself drawn to the worship of Rillifane Rallathil. Farley inducted him as an Acorn of Rillifane Rallathil when he was little and he has grown up to become a druid of that deity. When Lækri was seven, he was part of the first Ceremony of the Turning held in Weeping Willow. He chose Lækri as his new Elvish name. Growing up on the farm, he has found his ability to work with animals is greatly enhanced by his worship of Rillifane Rallathil. About six months ago, while guiding the pigs on an acorn hunt in the forest, he found a cute little stripy boar piglet and adopted it. He called it Snuffles. It had nothing to do with the fact that his elder brother had adopted a baby badger a month before – nothing at all.

Oberon (Oberon Oronodel): Grey Elf beguiler (Andrew Davis)
Oberon and his family came to Weeping Willow as refugees about 10 years ago (579 CY), after Iuz had destroyed the grey elf homelands. His family have all had an affinity with magic, and Oberon has followed in their footsteps. He isn’t very religious, but if push comes to shove he looks to Erevan Ilesere for help. Like many elves, his family are talented with magic, and Oberon has followed in their footsteps.

Ash (Ashharshamshad): High Elf scout (Hugh McVicker)
Ashharshamshad ( Ash, of the Krysalyn clan) has only been in Weeping Willow for the last few months, visiting his uncle, Myrindal, the village speaker. Since coming here he has made friends with Rook, one of the sons of the tavern keeper. The two make a strange looking pair, the tall thin quiet elf and the short round garrulous halfling. He had a major run-in with Religuth, the store keeper over a misunderstanding about payment. Before coming to Weeping Willow, it is rumoured that he spent some time with the Knights of the High Forest, the Elven branch of the Knights of the Hart. The habits of worship of Solonor Thelandira and the patterns of religion are a strong part of his life.


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