Oberon Oronodel

A Grey Elf


Tall, but very slim (almost inhumanly you might say)
Pale skin, golden hair, violet eyes
125 years old

Often wears leather armour, but does not appear to carry any weapons

Has difficulty carrying pretty much anything of any weight. Sometimes appears to lack common sense.


Oberon has been in Weeping Willow for approx 10 years. He is a refugee from the war with Iuz, having fled the Vesve forest when an incursion by the forces of The Old One destroyed his small settlement near the Timeless Tree.

Others aren’t quite sure what Oberon’s talents are. He seems able to perform some simple magic, but does not have any books. He does tend to get into a bit of mischief, and has a way of getting others to do what he wants them to.

Anyone who has crossed him in the past has realized that he does not forget such things. He is also proud of his grey elf heritage, and can been seen to be somewhat arrogant towards others of different races sometimes.

1. What is your place in your family? Oldest? Youngest? What are your siblings names? How do you get on with each of them?

I am an only child. My parents were killed when our settlement was attacked, and I fled to Weeping Willow (not sure why, but it seemed a reasonable place, although not up to grey elven city standards).

2. Who do you worship? How devout are you?

I don’t really feel I need to worship anyone or anything, but if I was to worship a god sometime then Erevan Illeser would be the one.

3. What aspects of your life or yourself do you keep hidden from others?

Wouldn’t you like to know.

4. What (physical) items do you keep hidden from others? Where do you keep them?

I feel that material items should belong to those that need them most. Usually me. Sometimes that causes others to get upset, so I feel that hiding things is the quickest way to help them get over their loss.

5. Who is your best friend in Weeping Willow? Who do you like the least?

I’ve had lots of best friends in Weeping Willow. The trick is getting them to like you, then you can get them to do stuff for you. It can be quite challenging to keep friends when you are far more intelligent than they are, and they get boring.

Old lady Olvolyn doesn’t seem to like me much, even after everything I’ve done to make her my friend.

6. How do other people in Weeping Willow see you? How would they describe you?

They mostly all love me, which can be a bit of a drag sometimes. Those that don’t like me usually change their mind.

7. What do you want to do with your life? How do you want to die?

I don’t want to die. I must be able to find someone who can stop that from happening…

8. What do you think is your greatest strength? Your greatest weakness?

My greatest strength is my superior intellect and charm. I don’t have any weaknesses (besides not being the strongest chap around, but if you get others to carry things for you then its not a problem).

9. Where do you go when you are angry?

Usually straight to the person who is the cause of my anger. Anyone who gives me grief deserves to pay for it.

10. What is your most powerful memory?

When I was fleeing the Vesve, I sheltered with a farmer and his family for a while, on my way to Weeping Willow. The farmer had an exquisitely crafted coin which he kept locked up, and occasionally proudly showed off to guests. This coin had apparently been passed down through the family for generations or something. Anyway, I managed to befriend him, and I’ll never forgot the look of sheer joy on his face when he gave the coin to me.

Oberon Oronodel

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